Album Art photography by Linda Blacker.

‘It’s Okay To Be Gay’ is out NOW!


Doug Armstrong’s debut Comedy/LGBT+ EP titled ‘It’s Okay To Be Gay’ was released on Monday 20th August, and is now available to stream on Spotify & Apple Music, or can be purchased from all other music stores.


Use the following links to stream or buy it now:

Apple Music
Itunes UK
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Amazon UK
Amazon US
Google Play

About the Music….

“The EP features comedy songs with LGBT+ themes that were originally performed acoustically (piano & vocal) on Youtube. These four were the most popular of all my acoustic originals. As you guys know, I write & produce all my own music, however I wanted this to be the best quality production I’d ever put out, so after spending months working to improve my mixes and refine my musical skills, I spent a further few months fully orchestrating (with up to 50 instruments/tracks per song!) and producing these four songs to make them sound as awesome and big as possible. So I hope you enjoy!”

Doug Armstrong

Thanks to the following people for helping me out along the way:

Dan Gillespie Sells for all the advice. Calum McSwiggan for the helpful feedback and listening to the 8 million drafts I sent over the months! Steve Pretty for playing the Trumpet across the EP. Harry Seaton for playing Acoustic guitar across the EP and quickly learning my complicated guitar parts. Sviatoslav Kondrativ for playing & recording 1st Violin. Linda Blacker for the photoshoot for the promo photos. Niki & Sammy for the support!